'Only Put On In Case Of Stupid'?

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Monday Warehouse 13 panel at Dragon Con.

Question: if you could write one episode of Warehouse 13, what would happen? [I think that’s what the question was?]

Answer: Warehouse trip to Hawaii! lol

  • Aaron Ashmore: I'm old school, just the usual twist and lick.
  • Eddie McClintock: Sounds like a Saturday night at my place.

# or is queer-bating still a thing?


# or is queer-bating still a thing?

where did you get the corset/top????



I actually found it on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HSBYVPO/) but I had to add the straps myself - I just used some vinyl faux leather from Jo-Ann and got some buckles from Etsy. Man am I glad I didn’t have to make the corset part!

Mother’s Day - Part I [a Warehouse 13 two-shot.]


Author’s Note: I know it isn’t Mother’s Day, but this is the only full one-shot I have for Warehouse 13 that I don’t care if it’s not majorly betaed. Inspired by sam-jj94’s want for more Bering and Wells, as well as Claudia x Leena. :) Thanks again for reading, hun.

Claudia Donavan absolutely loved holidays, no matter which one it was, everything from Christmas to Halloween to even Arbor Day had her just that tiny bit happier. Holidays were the time for families and after waiting so long to just have a family, she was determined to spend all of her future holiday’s with that family.

All except for one.

Mother’s day, the day where Mother’s and their children celebrated being together and the day where Claudia disappeared into her room for the entire day to lament the fact that she didn’t have a Mother. At first Mother’s days weren’t terrible, I mean, she had all of her friends that either didn’t speak to their Mother’s or didn’t have Mother’s as well. But then H.G. and Myka had their own children and Mother’s day took on a whole new meaning for them.

Still she had always had Pete to pull her out of it for a while, his Mother was usually busy. This Mother’s day in particular though saw Pete taking his daughter AND his Mother out for a special Mother/Grandmother day extravaganza (the first in the nearly 8 years since his daughter was born.) Myka and Helena were taking Abigail and baby Amelia to meet Myka’s parents for the first time and even Leena was busy with Mrs. Frederic, who the young woman had gotten suspiciously close to in the past few years.

Claudia was left all alone… Except for one other person who was unfortunately just as parentless as her.

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What season 5?

“When people get a little too chummy I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don’t really care about them.”

Artie Nielsen, at some point (via incorrectwarehouse13quotes)

After today’s Warehouse 13 panel at DragonCon…


"Please open your Bering & Wells Hymnal to page 26: ‘Jo Tell It on the Mountain.’"

“I suppose I’ll have to add the force of gravity to my list of enemies.”

Claudia Donovan, ep 3.10 (via incorrectwarehouse13quotes)


"That’s so cute. I’m glad that my little sister had a big sister while I couldn’t be there for her. Thank you, Myka."

you can try it sis, i’ll watch your back <3

Haha Okay thanks <3  [pulls out lazer pointer] Get ready to run [points it at the nearest zombie]